Valen Brighthand

A huge half-elven sailor (marine) who is using his Ranger skills to seek vengeance on a pirate group


Str: 18 Dex: 14 Con: 16 Int: 10 Wis: 13 Cha: 10

AC: 18/16 (when duel wielding) HP: 42

Ref: 6 Will: 2 Fort: 7

Base Atk: 4

Languages: Common, Elven, Aquan

Deity: Electra

Weapons: Scimitar (M), Spears, Dagger +1, Composite Longbow (M) +4 str, Heavy Mace


The Brighthand family was a famous elven/human merchant duo on the Pirate Sea. Their ship was the Sea Maiden and no single pirate could handle her, until a group of pirates led by a Sahuagin Captain known as Captain O based in the Scorpion Isles planned an attack on the Sea Maiden. A 5 year old Valen was hidden on the ship, but he was able to see the pirates kill his mother. They left the ship and thus emotionally crippled Valen’s father, Ardbeg Brighthand. His father piloted the Sea Maiden back to port and sold her to the first person he saw, then he went to the nearest bar.

Valen rarely saw his father after this point, but he vowed to seek vengeance on the pirates and the pirate captain who had destroyed his family. This is when he became a devout follower of Electra, a sea goddess who favored those who seek vengeance (even though it was a female dominated religion).

Valen wound up on a ship touring the Pirate Sea. Eventually, he wound up in Port Borton, where he hooked up with the present group consisting of: Eratzi Salyenkimin, Theric, Enyo, Gunthar and Boran.

Valen Brighthand

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