Halicon (Father of the Gods)

Lord of Wings, Master of the Four Winds, The Sky King

Alignment: CG
Domains: Weather, Sun, Animal (Birds), Air
Favored Weapon: Javelin, Crossbow
Centers of Worship:
Followers: Sailors, Magistrates, Rulers
Symbols: Three Crossed Lightning Bolts, White Eagle

The Sky King is the ruler of the gods, and it is said that he is also the father of most of them. While he has taken the Earth Mother Ceres to wife, his carousing has caused many an argument with his wife. So far only the Virgin Queen Hestia has been able to resist his charming ways, and not for a lack of effort on his part either. Halicon is generally in a good mood, and takes pleasure in the many forms of entertainment be it wine, music, women, dance or the more physical forms of combat. However, his moods are very quick to change, and like the weather that often mirrors him, can go from sunny to stormy with very little warning.

As the ruler of the Torian pantheon, Halicon is worshiped anywhere that the Great Empire has had any influence. His temples usually sit amongst a large landscaped garden with plenty of “out of the way” places, and will always have the altar area open to the elements. The temple itself will usually be of the same basic design; a large open colonnaded circular area with the altar in the center. To either side of the worship space are two wings that hold either the residence or the administration for the temple staff. The residence is further divided into male and female quarters. While the quatrters are seperate, there are generally no restriction on movement based on gender beyond respecting others privacy. While the temple staff is open to both male and female worshipers, only men can become Clerics of Halicon. The position of assistant to the priest can only be filled by women and they often take part in the temple rituals. Most of these women have arcane training of some sort with the majority being Sorceresses. Beyond these restrictions on gender roles, any other position on the temple staff can be filled by either men or women.

Halicon himself is usually depicted in temple art as a handsome man of middle age with a solid build and a bronze tan. His hair and short beard is either snow white, reddish brown or a dark grey, and the color of his eyes match the weather depicted in the art. He is most often shown wearing a white toga with gold trim, but if it is a battle scene he will be wearing lightning wracked scale armor and wielding lightning bolts as a javelin. If he is shown in a hunting scene, he is most often surrounded by birds and carrying a large crossbow with bolts of lightning.

Temple life is generally a relaxed affair, with the staff and priests mingling in a very informal manner. In times that require coordinated action, the the staff look to the temple priests for instruction on what needs to be done but are expected to decide themselves as how they should go about following those instructions. For any required military action, the priest in charge will usually just give a basic requirement to the captain of the temple guard and leave the details to him. Celibacy is neither required nor expected. Quite the opposite in fact as carousing and parties are a big part of major temple holidays, and any reason is seen as a good reason for having a party. In fact, temples to the Sky King are always in preparation for the next “gathering of the faithful”, even if they are only of the Faith for that day.

Of all the Gods, only his brother Keres the Defiler openly opposes Halicon and works towards taking over the Divine Throne. This is not to say that all of the other gods are content to suffer his mercurial ways. His own wife Ceres works behind the scenes to make life as difficult as she can for Halicon, and there are others who for reasons of jealousy are not pleased with his carousing. There are still more that prefer to be subtle about their own goals and make their plans known to a chosen few, or better yet kept to themselves.


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