Port Borton

Port Borton is a merchant town on the verge. On the verge of what is yet to be determined.

Created 25 years ago by the merchant trader, and former adventurer, Master Borton and a couple of other merchants, it was hoped that its convenient port on the north coast of the Pirate Sea with a navigable river inland would lead to rapid expansion. While the town is indeed growing, the growth is slower than the founding fathers had hoped at the beginning. Master Borton and the towns merchants are doing well with the stop over trade that happens, but the expected through-traffic of goods is only a little more than what the merchants are bringing in themselves. Master Borton has a small fleet of three sturdy and well armed merchant ships that kept busy shipping goods into and out of the town, and his fleet of carts are often seen traveling north and west.

Technically part of the Alliance, Port Borton is far enough removed from both Deman and Baril (?) that there is very little influence on its governance. The Council is very interested in putting an end to the threat of the pirates that give the Sea its name, so they are working very closely with Deman’s navy to counter them. The Town itself has come under attack, both early in its history and more recently, but it has managed to fend off those attacks and is in the process of putting up defensive walls.

City Council Name Gender Profession
Master Thom Borton M Trader
Master Edebus Formelle M Trader
Master Mundi Wheeler M Trader
Mayor Athdrandan Atormvor M
Councilor Iac Dorom M Inn Owner (Winking Flower)
Councilor Rom Verisi M
Councilor Omoro Rilad M Armourer/Weaponsmith
Councilor Honl Untweld M Caravan Master
Councilor Perariss Neyrt F Granary/Mill
Councilor Uston Drathray M Shipwright 2
Councilor Hinyar Seeph F Blade Shop
Councilor Hird Mosassay M Sheriff (Captain of the Guard)
Councilor Ildust Dawril M Money Changer
Councilor Dydas Ackage M Trader
Councilor Roditia Serbur F Healer 1
Councilor Dratson Warot M Trading Post
Town Guard
Captain Hird Mosassay M
Lieutenant Galas M Day Watch
Lieutenant Healla Clese F Night Watch
SGT Daured Araven M Day Watch Patrol 1
SGT Conna Segost M Day Watch Patrol 2
SGT Bellon Human M Night Watch Patrol 1
SGT Brittika Segfriel F Night Watch Patrol 2

Port Borton

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