The Last Frontier

The Great Torian Empire has stood as the source of stability and culture for over fifteen hundred years. “Stood” as in the past tense. 350 years in the past. The lands to the north of the Inland Sea were the last to be “enlightened”, and the first to be ignored when the empire fell apart. Bordered to the north by the Worlds End Mountain range as well as to the west. Directly to the west and between the Sea and the latter range is a waste land called the Barren Land. The northern range curves down at the eastern end all the way to the small strait leading into the Sea and at the lower elevations is very heavily wooded.

Over the last three hundred years, the Sea has become quite lawless with Merchant and Pirate often being defined by the amount of cargo in your hold. The Land wasn’t much better either, with the land between sea and mountains being contested by bandits and even worse types of humanoids from the mountains. When the Empire splintered/collapsed/shattered about 350 years ago, three former Provinces decided to band together for mutual aid and support calling themselves The Alliance. At least that is what they had planned. Reality set in after only two decades, after all of the original leaders had all died of various causes. Over the last couple of centuries, the Alliance is one in name only. Norge, the largest city in the north-western part of the Alliance found itself surrounded by petty warlords and bandit barons. Baril(?), the northern most fortified city, found itself the target ever increasing raids by the evil humanoids from the mountains, and has so far managed to maintain unity of the other fortified towns of the north through force of arms. Deman, the southern capital and mercantile center, is the only one to actually prosper. Deman is the “centre of civilization” north of the Sea, and is the driving force behind the effort to rid the Sea of its pirate influence. It is also the main center of learning (academic and magical) north of the Sea.

The campaign is based around the Pirate Sea, with the “home base” being a town called Port Borton (~1500 pers, mostly Human, but friendly to other races – Master Borton’s wife is Half Elf) located at ~49th parallel. From here the characters are going to be dealing with Undead, Demons and other Infernal baddies. Oh yes, and the odd pirate plot or two.

The Pirate Sea

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