The Pirate Sea

Mine!, Not Yours!

Master Borton asked the players (Valen, Eratzi, Theric, Enyo, Boran, and Gunthar) to see about an old friend (name ?) who was over due.

He owned a small jewel mine along the coast a day and a half out of Port Borton and was to visit Borton a few days ago but never showed.

On the first night the party stopped at a road side rest area which they shared with 2 other parties: A young family visiting family out side of Port Borton, and an older father of three teen-aged daughters. One of the daughters (the youngest0 took a fancy to the Elf, while the oldest sneaked away while daddy slept to talk to Boran.

Upon arrival at the mine, they found a barn with broken carts but no animals, and a large 3 storied house which was also ransacked. Both the barn and the house showed signs of the inhabitants being killed violently and then dragged or taken away. They found signs that the attack happened at night, and that the attackers were of the Sahuagin race.

A long search found a trapped secret door in the master bedroom ceiling and another long search found the release to the door. In the attic they found a teen aged girl and three kids hiding out and scared out of their wits.

Decending the mine shaft by a sturdy metal ladder set into the shaft wall, the party reached the mine level. Eratzi, being the first down, did a quick look around, and found that the mine had at least two exits to a small beach at the bottom of the cliff. Further investigation proved that the other exit tunnel was block by a cave in. There were 3 other exits from the room at the bottom of the shaft. Each of the exits had rail tracks going through them, and led into the darkness.

Lighting torches, the party decided to take the tunnel leading roughly north east. Just as the light reached the end of the tunnel, they noticed a couple of figures moving away. The party barely had enough time to get set in front (with Enyo in the lead) of a rough opening in the crossing tunnel wall before being attacked by a fish-man wielding a trident. Behind him, the party saw another of these beasts in the opening. Eratzi threw a “grenade” at the one in the opening and was rewarded with a large ball of fire that engulfed the target and scorching Enyo’s opponent. The party was at risk of being over run by the stream of humanoids coming out of the hole until more grenades were thrown into the tunnel.

Once the onslaught was over the party decided to leave and report back to Port Borton. On the way back to the shaft room they heard some voices, and on investigation found a figure waiting for them in the tunnel opposite theirs. Theric cast Light on the figure and was rewarded with a shriek and the clacking of claws rapidly moving further down the tunnel. Once they reached the top, the party gathered up the children and brought them back to Port Borton.

Master Borton decided to take the children in and stated that he will be going back to the mine to clear those creatures out.

The Game so far
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